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Maya’s 1st birthday, Mornington Peninsula

Beautiful Maya turned 1 in one of the hottest day that Mornington could have, back in January 2014. There were about 45 degrees. It was scorching hot and definitely the location wasn’t indicated for this type of weather..no beaches, no ocean..just hills and hills and hills.. Maya’s nana was leaving the next day to Germany so it had to be done! And I’m so happy we made it all alive!:)Luckily there were some giant trees were Maya could rest and enjoy the shade. Maya’s family also came prepared with a bucket of cool water so that she was able to go in and have a splash!

Oliver, Mornington, Australia

When Melissa asked me to photograph her beautiful family I couldn’t be happier.

Melissa and I have been friends for years.

We met in 2009 as we were both working in Luisa, a leather boutique in Melbourne.

Our friendship has become stronger and stronger through the years .. especially when we fell pregnant at the same time of two very active baby boys.

Despite not working together anymore, Melissa and I have daily phone calls and we enjoy sharing the “joys” of motherhood.. If we have a bad day we always call each other and end up in laughter!!