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Mornington Peninsula Wedding photographer, golden hour at Stillwater at Crittenden

Stephanie & Justin

Golden hour, and more specifically the last 10 minutes of golden hour, is by far my favorite moment to photograph the newly married couple. For those of you who are not into photography, golden hour is sunset time. It’s also called magical hour because of the pinkish shade and golden tones that are present in all the images. The soft light makes all facial features pretty and warm.. in other words it’s the most romantic time of the day!

That is why at the beginning of every wedding day I always ask the bride and the groom if they would like me to tell them when golden hour strikes. You don’t need a full hour to get those magical pictures. 10 minutes are more than enough.

I love when the couple decides to take those minutes for themselves and enjoy their first sunset as a married couple.

These images are a true representation of everything I love about my job and golden hour.

Wedding photographer on the Mornington Peninsula – Lindsay and Paul sneak peek

Here is a small sneak peek of Lindsay and Paul ‘s wedding on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

That day, when I woke up, I realised how dark it was outside. And then I heard the sound of the rain…torrential rain..Melbourne rain..coming down.. I quickly opened the curtains only to find out what I already knew..the weather outside was horrible!!

I knew that Lindsay and Paul had planned their whole wedding outdoors and my heart sank thinking of how they must have felt upon waking up.

But, like a miracle, the sky literally opened up just one hour before their ceremony..I couldn’t have been happier for them!

If you want to know the rest of the story..you will have to wait until my whole album is done..in the meanwhile here is the preview!:)

Sometimes it’s very hard to pick the “best of” images when you love them all so much!

Lindsay and Paul, here is a little preview for you!:)I hope you love these images as much as I do. I can’t wait to show you all of them!



Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer. My 2014.

I was selecting a few wedding pictures for a marketing campaign that I’m planning for 2015 and I got so overwhelmed by the thousands of images in front of me..

It was so nice to sit down, relax and look at all the couples that I have photographed this past year. I really have to say that I have been very lucky! None of those bridezillas stories you read sometimes.. Just pure love, happy couples and plenty of warmth all around.. the weddings that every photographer wishes to go to and document!

I have to thank all of you for having trusted me as a person and my business…I really wouldn’t be a wedding photographer if it wasn’t for all of you!!

So here is a selection of some of the pictures I I took in 2014 and the amazing couples I have met throughout my wedding photography journey!

Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-230Perla Photography Mornington Peninsula photographerWedding Photographer-1Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-72Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-168Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-4Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-45Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-47Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-58Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-76Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-111Mornington wedding photographer La Petanque-239Perla Photography professional wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula-46Perla Photography professional wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula-39Perla Photography professional wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula-17Perla Photography professional wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula-13Perla Photography professional wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula-5

Jess & Paul, Stillwater at Crittenden, wedding photographer in Mornington Peninsula, Australia

When Jess contacted me on Facebook asking me to photo-shoot her and Paul’s wedding I couldn’t be happier.

Last year I photographed Paul’s sister wedding and I knew what a beautiful family they are!

Jess and Paul met in year 10 in High School and started dating at 21.

Their wedding reception was held at Stillwater at Crittenden a beautiful restaurant/vineyard overlooking a lake in the Mornington Peninsula.