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Jess & Paul, Stillwater at Crittenden, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

When Jess contacted me on Facebook asking me to photo-shoot her and Paul’s wedding I couldn’t be happier.

Last year I photographed Paul’s sister wedding and I knew what a beautiful family they are!

Jess and Paul met in year 10 in High School and started dating at 21.

Their wedding reception was held at Stillwater at Crittenden a beautiful restaurant/vineyard overlooking a lake in the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Claudia - omg that cat stole my heart :)
    Beautiful photos, looks like a fun wedding.

    • Laura - Thank you Claudia!! It was an amazing wedding!ReplyCancel

Another set of pictures from my beautiful holiday spent with my family near Cinque Terre in Italy. These particular photos are taken in Portovenere. When I woke up that morning the weather was very gloomy, big clouds were hovering over the coast and rain was coming down relentlessly. I was happy. Yes, happy!! Those dark clouds and the sunlight peeking through them were just perfect for my pictures in Portovenere!! I grabbed my camera bag and off I went with my partner, my 15 months old and my dad to Portovenere…If you scroll through the pictures you will see at the end a little “behind-the-scene” that shows my commitment to photography:)

Un altro gruppo di foto scattate durante la mia vacanza, ormai finita, vicino alle Cinque Terre. Queste foto in particolare sono state scattate a Portovenere. Il tempo quella mattina non era proprio estivo con grosse nuvole sovrastanti la costa ligure e pioggia incessante. Guardavo fuori dalla finestra con aria soddisfatta. Quei nuvoloni scuri e quei raggi di luce erano il setting perfetto per le mie foto in Portovenere!! Decisi quindi di prendere la mia borsa fotografica e insieme al mio ragazzo, il mio bimbo di 15 mesi e mio padre ci incamminammo verso Portovenere. Se scrollate le foto vedrete alla fine un dietroscena che mostra la mia dedizione per la fotografia:)

One of the hundreds set of stairs we did..:(

Una delle centinaia rampe di gradini che abbiamo dovuto scalare..:(

As soon as I arrived in Tellaro I went into “photography-mode” .. Photography mode is a state only known to photographers or those who love photography in which they can’t do anything else but shoot and shoot and shoot.. Everything you see has to turn into a picture..Even the beautiful landscapes of Tellaro..you don’t see them anymore as landscapes but as how they would look in the eye of your lens…My partner, bless him, knows when I get into this “state” and he kindly let me zone out for the day..while he takes after our child and makes sure I don’t get lost:)


Appena arrivati in Tellaro sono entrata in “photography-mode”.. Photography mode é uno stato conosciuto solo a fotografi o amanti della fotografia in cui non possono fare altro se non scattare, scattare e scattare..Tutto quello che vedi deve risultare in una fotografia..Anche i bellissimi paesaggi di Tellaro..non li vedi più come paesaggi ma a come verrebbero catturati dalla lente della fotocamera..Il mio partner, poverino, sa ormai quando entro in uno di questi stati e mi lascia stare per la giornata..nel mentre si prende cura del nostro bimbo e si assicura che tra gli scatti non mi perda nel paese:)

I think I’m not alone here in saying that if somebody told me that I could pick any job in the world I would say straight of the bat

I would love to be a National Geographic photographer!! It’s just my dream job as it combines travel and photography..


Well, sometimes we don’t realise how hard it is to capture those stunning images. Today, in honor of Wes Skiles, a National Geographic’s photographer who died on the job in 2010, The Photo Society, a website run by some of his fellow co-workers, speaks up about the dangers these amazing photographers encountered while on assignment for the magazine.

There have been several deaths before and many many incidents. Acid dripping caves, vipers in camera bags, getting lost in the Andes, flesh eating parasites, being buried in an avalanche just to name a few..

here you can find a full list..

on a second note..I’ll keep shooting weddings!!:)

but so much respect goes out there to the ones who dare doing such an amazing and yet dangerous job