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Eric declared his love for his “Portuguese princess” in front of all the guests gathered at Benito’s. He fell in love with Marisa as soon as he saw her and his love grew more and more as the days passed. When he proposed, tears of joy crossed her face.


Marisa’s relatives flew over from Portugual for this unique occasion and to be present in such a joyous moment in their life.

Marisa and Eric’s love was real, fun and fresh..like a spring day in the Mornington Peninsula.


Venue: Benito’s, Mornington Peninsula

Videography: Ruffit Media

Car Hire: Pony Passion

Make up: Holly Kate

I was selecting a few wedding pictures for a marketing campaign that I’m planning and I got so overwhelmed by the thousands of images in front of me..

It was so nice to sit down, relax and look at all the couples that I have photographed this past year..I really have to say that I have been very lucky! None of those bridezillas stories you read sometimes.. Just pure love, happy couples and plenty of love all around.. the weddings that every photographer wishes to go to!

I have to thank all of you for having trusted me as a person and my business…I really wouldn’t be a wedding photographer if it wasn’t for all of you!!

So here is a selection of some of the pictures I was able to go through today and the amazing couples I have met throughout my wedding photography journey!

One of the biggest questions I am asked as a photographer is “What is the best method to get my new beautiful photos printed?”

And my heart sinks when customers who had originally invested money on having professional photos taken, they then decide to save on printing.

So here comes the good news!!!

Perla Photography has partnered with one of the biggest printing companies in Melbourne who specialise in printing the highest quality photo reproductions available. Their business is structured and designed around reproducing high resolution photography, which means for you – Your new  photos will stand the test of time and look amazing on display in your home no matter how big your printing is!!

Don’t waste your money and time on large corporate retailers who have adapted to cheap quick photo printing. I guarantee you , you will not be satisfied.

From now on my customers will have an online private photo gallery that you will be able to access with a password that you can share with all your dear ones. This gallery will contain all the shots that I have taken at the highest resolution and all nicely reworked.

But here comes the best part: you will be able to select the pictures you like and, with a click of a button, send them to print with the size you want!!!

In no time all your pictures will be delivered at your door.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.40.10 am
Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.40.15 am

I must confess…photographers have favorites.. I mean, let’s rephrase this sentence, I DO LOVE photographing every single family, couple, baby.. each one of you..I love it. I just love my job more than anything..and giving people images that they can keep for forever it makes me feel special..However, having said that, we have our favorites (as everybody!).. In this case I just loved photographing this beautiful family..so much so that I finished photo-shooting at 2.30PM and at midnight I was still up editing..I could not stop.. some customers are very addictive!!:)Here are some images taken in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


Jess & Paul, Stillwater at Crittenden, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

When Jess contacted me on Facebook asking me to photo-shoot her and Paul’s wedding I couldn’t be happier.

Last year I photographed Paul’s sister wedding and I knew what a beautiful family they are!

Jess and Paul met in year 10 in High School and started dating at 21.

Their wedding reception was held at Stillwater at Crittenden a beautiful restaurant/vineyard overlooking a lake in the Mornington Peninsula.

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